Buff Brahma Chick

Next hatching I will be incubating 30 more  Buff Brahma eggs.  This little guy will be the only Buff Brahma in a bunch of Cuckoo Maran chicks. Cuckoo Marans are barred grays with gray-pink legs and feet. Buff Brahmas are tan and black with feathered feet. Buff Brahmas are mild mannered feather footed puff balls, absolutely one of the prettiest heavy body chickens I’ve seen so far. A heritage bird from China known more for their meat production and not their egg laying abilities. They are slow growing as well and on the endangered livestock list. If you can’t pack on the muscle in 6-8 weeks you are no good for industrial farm livestock. Most of our heritage livestock is endangered. I wonder why animal activist haven’t gotten all up in arms about this?  Thousands of years of selective breeding and hundreds of heritage livestock have already gone extinct because of factory farming practices and small farmers no longer able to make a living.