Garden Fresh Green Smoothie

Fast Easy Breakfast
Garden Fresh and Organic
1 cup of greens
1 cup of fruit
1/2 gallon of water
Blend fruit and veggies with a couple cups of water until smooth. Add mix to a large jar, add additional water and shake till mixed. Store in fridge. I don’t store my Green Smoothie longer than one day. I like my green smoothies fresh.

Turnip and Collard tops about to flower, first, small spring-tender rhubarb stalks, canned organic local peaches and wild apples.

I use a blender, lots of people have fancy blenders and juicers to make green smoothies smooth and fancy like store bought products. I’m all about making things on the cheap. I use my little Ninja blender that doesn’t blend super smooth but smooth enough so I don’t gag drinking the veggies and fruit.

I drink 1/2 gallon a day and it’s a great way to get my fresh veggies and water in my belly.