How To Make Cheep Paper Seedling Pots.

If you water these paper pots too much they will fall apart, very wet paper pots will tend to mold easily and you’ll get “bent stem” problems. I use a mist bottle to keep seedlings moist. I take an hour an evening for a couple of weeks and make pots, hundreds of pots. I love doing handwork like this, I’m an introvert, it’s very soothing to me. It may drive extroverts batty though.  I usually start my seedlings at the end of April and give them a month of growing before transplanting. Here in the Oregon Cascades we can get a seedling killing frost up to the end of May. I start the seeds in flats and transplant seedling into these little paper pots. I use sterilized potting soil. Outside I cook my fine potting soil in a big old enamel canning pot on our military stove. Kills all the mold, fungus, bugs, and grubs!