Kitchen Garden Clean-up

This area is the greatest place to grow heat hating-easy bolting plants like spinach and lettuce. Our patio area beds are cool, moist and dark most of the summer. This year I will use my own seeds for lettuce and spinach. I have Butter Crunch, Red Leaf, and Romaine lettuce. I bought several other varieties that I will explore this year as well. Talk about convenience! Anyone who has a small flower bed can grow their own salad bed. All my greens will be free this year. I can spend at least $175.00 every month on my organic produce. Talk about a money saver!

Side benefit regarding gardening. Excellent workout, no excuses if you go to the gym and say you don’t have time to garden. You get free food and a workout when you garden, plus you save on gas! Also you make friends with nature. I have birds that follow me around looking for the bugs I stir up. It’s crazy how tame they are now working with me for 3 years. You get every single workout you would find in a gym working out in the garden. Also you hit a bunch of yoga poses too. You also get fresh air, sunlight and connection to the earth. This balances out our bodies systems like crazy! It’s like grounding your energy into a very solid base. I also have a thought that the living creatures in healthy dirt are also in our gut. One of the reason we have gut problems maybe due to the fact we do not come in contact with clean dirt anymore.