Dreams Of Weaving

After Moving from Chicago 3.5 years ago I had a dream whilst looking for our hobby farm. I dreamt of a blond haired woman vibrating strong determination, forcefully pointing at me. Her finger was in my face. Dangling on a silken thread from the point of her finger was a huge spider. I am not afraid of spiders thank goodness. But the force of her appearance, the look of determination in her bright blue eyes startled me awake. I still remember this dream as if it happened yesterday.

Oddly I don’t remember my dreams most of the time. I usually have several dreams a year that are amazing and I remember them clearly. This was one of them. I call her the Weaver. I have been working on practice paintings trying to capture her energy. This work is still evolving, I haven’t painted for years so excuse the mess please. I used drawing paper and covered paper with crayon first before applying acrylic. Worked really well, the paper didn’t fray or buckle when applying wet to crayon wax.