Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

I had tubal Ligation when I turned 30, I am now in my mid 50s. I had my tubes blocked through cauterization, burning the tubes shut. I’ve had very little side effects compared to women who have had other procedures done. So many women suffer from mysterious pains. Many of our problems are linked to poor nutrition and poison in our food, air, and environment. Many problems are linked to past trauma, negative relationships with self and other manifesting in physical illness. Still more of our physical and mental problems are tied to bad medicine. Doctors and psychologist are not God. You should question everything that you are told about your body and mind. You are the expert of yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different. Especially if they wear a badge, have high-end degrees and or a white coat. The clips to crimp Fallopian tubes used in many cases stay in your body and may have chemical reactions and adverse effects with other parts of the body. The clips may shift with scaring causing unknown consequences.  Also blocked fallopian tubes cause physical and psychological problems when the issues arise naturally. Makes you wonder if the body might be reacting to an incomplete cycle.

For Wendy Owen, deciding to be sterilised at just 25 wasn’t an emotional decision but a practical one. After a difficult labour with her second child, she knew her family was complete.

She was reassured that the NHS described sterilisation as a straight- forward, ‘fairly minor’ operation that would avoid any future pregnancies — without affecting her hormone levels.

And the procedure certainly worked for her in one sense, but it came, she says, at a great physical cost.

In the years that followed, Wendy started to experience mysterious symptoms that she firmly believes were caused by the two tiny clips blocking her fallopian tubes.

‘Around seven years after the operation I began to get terrible stomach pain, low on my right side,’ says Wendy, now 44, who lives with her partner Steven, 45, in Caenarfon, North Wales. ‘It was agony.
‘Sometimes the cramps were so bad I could barely walk, and my tummy became very bloated. I went from a size 14 to 18.’
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