Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

I can store fertile eggs for up to 2-3 weeks in a cool dark room before incubating and get at least 85% hatch rate. You see a little dirt on the eggs? Unless the eggs are really dirty I don’t wash them. Washing eggs removes a protective film that prevents bacteria and virus infection. If I do wash an egg, I use really hot water, no soap and gently wash away the grim.

We started working on the garden, cleaning, weeding and digging beds. If weather permits, I will plant my pea beds tomorrow. Also I will plant some more garlic cloves and dig up onions that survived the winter for transplanting to new beds.

My Buff Brahma Fat Boy, FB for short, has a sore on his comb, either he got in a fight and has an infection or he has gut problems. I will have to look at him tomorrow. Infections on the comb if not caused by trauma needs to be treated  internally. I use yogurt to help the gut restore good flora and fauna. Works really well boosting the immune system and healing comb infections! He has two hens that I will separate and put in new pens so BB the main Cuckoo Marans will not cross breed with the hens. I will be selling purebred hens this summer. I started saving eggs for the incubator. I incubate around 50 eggs at a time. I will be raising around 150 chicks through the late spring and summer. Cuckoo Marans and Buff Bramas, both are dual purpose chickens. Dual purpose as in chickens are great egg layers and have great muscle for butchering.

The swamp is waking up, skunk cabbage is up, soon maiden hair ferns for spring dishes and wine. Immature fern you can eat are called Fiddle Heads. There are only a few ferns that are edible and I have some growing in my swamp! The curled up immature heads make a beautiful dish steamed and covered with lemon sauce, yummy!

I dug up a small bed for my peas in an area I don’t use near my grapes. I will place pea poles and supports after peas sprout. I have to move the peas every year because they are very susceptible to the mosaic virus which can infect the dirt. I rotate all my beds anyway. I never plant a crop in the same place year after year.


Pea Bed


Garlic Beds




I think this is Witch Hazel. One of the first bushes to leaf out in the Spring.


Skunk Cabbage


Swamp moss


Buff Brahma Hen


Buff Brahma Rooster