Going Vegan or Vegetarian Does Not Make One Kind or Caring

Vegan and Vegetarian The New Religion

Click on the photo for some really mean vegan and vegetarian quotes posted on people’s blogs.

Some of the most angry hate filled people I’ve talked to are vegan or vegetarian.

I guess eating a plant-based diet does not make one an empathetic, kind, and caring person. When I don’t accept a Vegan’s or Vegetarian’s view regarding diet, especially when tied to their religion they verbally tear me apart like a hungry lion. Do a search online and you will see vegans and vegetarians making fun and saying awful things about people who do not follow their way of thinking. All the while saying they are good and kind people because they care so much about animals, earth and the environment. If you can’t be kind to people first how-in-the-heck are you going to be kind to anything else?

Sometimes I feel as if militant vegans wish all humans were dead. It’s like they hate being human. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate vegans or vegetarians for verbally abusing me or others. I feel sorry for them, what a twisted way to think. I have friends who are vegan and very kind to animals, even kind to me a human if I don’t talk about eating meat with them. I’ve seen hunting groups of vegans and vegetarians online that will literally tear you apart and hang your head on a stick and dance around counting coup. Be careful not to mention self defense or owning a gun or the second amendment, the right to bare arms. These kind and caring people will take a verbal baseball bat to your head and bash your brains out.