Two Spirit People

Two Spirit People

Click on picture for full article. My culture called girls like me Tom Boys. We are sexually attracted to men but also act like men. I found researching my Blackfoot Great Grandma’s people most natives in America dealt with their folk that stepped out of their cultural norm through giving them positive roles suited to their nature within their tribe.

Gender differences in the world today are used as a tool to divide people so they cannot come together and find peace and happiness. Unhappy fearful people are much easier to manipulate and rule.

The two-spirit (formerly called berdache) was a sort of Native American transgender person who wore the clothing of the “opposite” sex. Two-spirits were highly regarded and respected as artisans, craftspeople, child rearers, couples counselors and tribal arbiters, and yet, one of the reasons they got respect was out of fear, because two-spirits were considered to be touched by the spirits and considered to have powers on the order of a shaman. (In many tribes, a shaman would consult the tribe’s two-spirit for advice in spiritual matters!)


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