Annual Flooding and What To Do When It Rains

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Cut out-of-body forms for Star Beings. Trying to figure  out exactly how I want to lay out the figures after I finish the spiral background. Making home-made organic tofu and soy milk. Mina our dog loves water but she knows not to swim in our flooding creek. Our drainage ditch floods a couple of times every year. The bridge on the Northern end of our creek is under water. The tree is almost  cut up for bean poles and mushrooms. Large branches will be used to grow mushrooms (can’t wait for this project!) the small straight branches are going to be used for bean and pea poles.


4 thoughts on “Annual Flooding and What To Do When It Rains

  1. Dad and I were just talking about the mill and how shitty the houses were near there. I can still see the timber and mud in my head when I think about the old estacada.

    1. When I think back to the 60s old Estacada, I think of the community. Everyone was in everyone’s business lol…

      Growing up poor and on a farm, mud and shit was a way of life and no big deal!

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