Golden Spiral Project

I have a small bow I call the Zombie killer. My husband asked if I was going to use this plastic mannequin for target practice! Seriously, the spiral will not look like something for target practice once it’s finished. The beginning of a painting always looks blah…

I have a bunch of these plastic dressforms and I will be painting beautiful worlds and universes after I finish the Golden Spiral. I used to sell clothes on eBay but after moving from Chicago to the rural country I’ve lost interest. I figured these mannequins would make amazing canvases!

Back in 1997 at a Vipassana mediation retreat I had a vision of a vast golden spiral within an endless dark space. I found it by following a little blue bright spark of a light that showed up in meditation. The blue spark turned into a portal the spit me out on the lip of this gigantic golden spiral that was as big as the sun. I don’t know how big it really was but in the vision is could of swallowed the earth and made it look like a marble. And no I wasn’t doing any drugs, never drank, I was so clean I glowed in the dark and it was a two week very strict Theravada silent retreat. Totally segregated, men and women were strictly segregated. Primary object of meditation were breath and body sensation. Focusing on breath for 10 hours a day is known to bring about visions, especially light visions.

I’ve always wanted to paint those visions I had so long ago and now I am. The golden spiral wasn’t empty it was full of human forms that were made of stars. The Star Beings were coming from all over the universes and were going into this spiral, heading for the bottom. I could of gone if I wanted to but I had 4 kids and a mean dry-drunk of a husband at home and I needed to take care of them, none knew how to take care of themselves yet. I didn’t know if I could come back if I would of gone with the Star Beings. I remember how to get back to the Golden Spiral though. Someday I will go back and follow the Star Beings down that golden funnel and see what is at the end. I love adventures and the unknown, I can’t wait 😉