How Soy Can Kill You and Save Your Life

How Soy Can Kill You and Save Your Life

Five years ago I had to avoid all legumes, including soybeans. Now that I have detoxed and introduced healthy bacteria into my system, and eat clean I can digest any kind of legume without pain or gas.  I learned how to make tofu and soymilk from scratch and was very proud of myself. I buy around 40lbs of soybean every six months. I’m still figuring out the ratio though, so take that with a grain of salt. I eat soy product I make at home every other week.

I started this post and link to Dr Hyman’s blog because I’ve been reading soy is really bad for you, it can kill you, and it can grow boobs on men! (hahaha). I love Dr Hyman, his books gave me enough data to fashion a diet for my life style that helped cure me of what Doctors couldn’t with all their big pharma medicine. I have what the allopathic industry calls fibromyagia, who knows what it is really. Most likely a bunch of things related to stress, toxins in food, water, air, medicine, cleaning products, plastics, hygiene products, environment and the list goes on forever.  I know the body is amazing for shedding toxins and I found eating organic well balanced diet and exercise, mind discipline, the body will clean  and heal itself.  Poor, Poor allopaths don’t want that, they want us sick to make a living!

If you want an excellent, unbiased, scientifically sound review of all the relevant human data on soy, I recommend reading the 100-page report from the Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality entitled, The Effects of Soy on Health Outcomes, which reviewed thousands of studies based on rigorous criteria for scientific validity. Its conclusion was this: There is no evidence of significant benefit or harm based on the quality of evidence that exists today.

  1. Say YES to whole, real soy. The Okinawans are the world’s longest-lived people, probably in part because of their diet. For more than five millennia, they’ve eaten whole, organic and fermented soy foods like miso, tempeh, tofu, soy milk, and edamame (young soybeans in the pod). One to two servings a day of any of these foods are fine.
  2. Say NO to processed soy. That includes soy protein isolate and concentrates, genetically engineered soy foods (typically made from Monsanto’s Roundup soybeans), soy supplements, and soy junk foods like soy cheese, soy ice cream, soy oil, and soy burgers. They don’t have the thousands of years of traditional use that whole soy foods do, are processed, and contain unhealthy fats and other compounds. I have real concerns about these types of soy.