Blonde my Favorite Hen Died

Blonde my Favorite Hen Died

A Red Tailed Hawk tore her head off before I could chase him off. I told my husband if any critter was going to eat one of our chickens it would be Blonde. She is so dumb, she will walk up to our dog and eat it’s food. She doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around her. Well I was right, sad to say that. I planted her headless body under one of my raspberry bushes. She will make great fertilizer. She was such a nice hen, too nice though and too trusting. A lesson to be learned here. Check the sky and the trees when you are out and about, you never know when a hawk is gonna swoop down and tear your head off!

Now I have to keep the rest of our hens in a closed pen, the hawk has had a taste of blood and will be hanging around for several days, even for the rest of the year. Probably has a nest somewhere near by. I save so much money letting my chickens free range and they are so much healthier too. I’ll be putting up a large net fence after the winter is over. It’s easy to move and hawks hate it. They can’t swoop in, they get tangled in the netting and it’s really easy to move for fresh grazing.


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  1. šŸ˜¦ rip Blonde. Your package is coming. I didn’t find a lot of supplies. I threw in all kinds of stuff I’ve had since 2003 or longer. Kids and I did a project together and I also threw in some wardrobe gifts…a hat for papa Jan too. Love you.

    1. I know, she was such a sweetie! Thanks, I will send some seeds back. You guys can plant some beans, corn, and squash for a little 3 Sisters garden. You don’t need a lot of room. Just a couple seeds for each plot, the kids can grow some food and think of their Grandma Lisa.

      The Hawk was back today but she couldn’t get at the hens. She is a big one too!

  2. I’ll do a garden one day…cough cough…ha!! I haven’t settled yet to start one. Too much other stuff to do. I’ll depend on whole foods and my little farmers market a mile down the road. My mom-in law has an incredible garden, Jason gets goats milk and eggs for fridge, goats meat (I haven’t tried yet…world will have to end first) and lots of cookies. I’ll be sending package out tomorrow and largest Tuesday. Getting over a death flu the last week.

    1. Okay, but you could plant some beans and squash in five gallon buckets and the kids could water them for a project…hint, hint– lol — I made some awesome immune system tea out of roasted burdock root. It tasted like coffee! AND it perked me up. I will dry some and mail it to you with some seeds. It’s amazing! You can buy Burdock root just about anywhere if you like it. It will fight the flu through enhancing your immune system.

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