Doodling Materials

I haven’t drawn or done practice work for more than ten years. I just had my birthday and went shopping for drawing paper, sketching set, erasers (the dog ate my old ones), and some pencil sharpeners. Most of my art supplies are 10-20 years old. My other set is over 20 years old. Gosh I am getting old, near the middle of my 50s. Found old age isn’t that bad if I exercise and eat right, I think that’s the secret to aging well beside keeping an even keel emotionally. Still working on that one.
Drawing toolsMe 2:14

I found out getting older and no makeup is the way to go. Older women that wear lots of makeup look weird and kind of sad. Younger woman look like they have a mask on, it’s a nice way to hide, I did it for years. Nice to let that mask go, it’s not very comfortable. Couple that with botox and plastic surgery, older folk look freakishly weird. First week of detox is over, I lost 10lbs of water weight. Stopping the coffee, about 16 oz a day and the sugar was my problem. I am more addicted to sugar than coffee. Cut out grains and animal products too. I miss my eggs in the morning. I’ve been cutting down on grains since the mid-90s so that’s not so difficult. I’m in my middle 50s and you lose weight the face sags, I don’t care, it feels so good to get rid of the bloat! My energy is soaring too and I am not feeling so edgy and grumpy. I don’t think coffee or sugar is that good for me. I may stop drinking coffee altogether when I am finished with this 4 week detox. Don’t know if I want to stop sugar completely, still hold it too dearly.


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  1. I don’t have any wrinkles yet!! Like you said though…once I lose the weight I gained I’m sure I’ll be gaining my massive cheekbones back and a few too many creases. I should start sending you art care packages.

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