Detox and Green Smoothies

Detox with Green Smoothies

One week of detox and hard part is over, the next 3 weeks are going to be easy. Another savory green smoothie with garden fresh leeks, collards, tomatoes, carrots, home-grown-canned tomatoes, and kelp powder. I found a surprise in my garden! I forgot I planted some Kohlrabi. I thought they were purple Russian Kale lol

Quart of water and a cup of greens, leek, carrots, tablespoon of kelp powder, mix greens with a little water until finely pureed. Add 1/2 cup more water and tablespoon of kelp powder mix. Pour in enough water to the mix so you can pour into a container with lid, add the additional water and shake. Drinks for the day. The mix does not sit well over night. I try and make enough for one day.

I found out you do not want to strain the fiber out of your green smoothie. I have a sensitive pancreas and gallbladder. Without the fiber in my smoothies my organs go nuts, too much sugar to process even if I don’t add fruit.

This is my goto recipe and reference book for green smoothies