Remember the Wi…

Remember the Witch Trials? We are still there

Jew==>Communist==>Muslim==>Redneck==>Christian==>Gay==>Patriot==>Tea Party==>Conservative==>Liberal===>Socialist==>Racist==>Democrat==>Republican==> Terrorist==>Mentally Ill==> Conspiracy Theorist==>use what ever label works to keep the fear growing!

How far have we gone where people don’t want to air their views for fear of ending up on some kind of terrorist watch list? David Rowell.

The witch trials [15th-17th centuries] … all but obliterated the integrity of peasant communities by fostering mutual suspicion and fear. Amidst deteriorating conditions, neighbors were encouraged to turn against one another, so that any insult or annoyance became grounds for an accusation of witchcraft. As the terror spread, a new era was forged in the flames of the witch burnings. Rebel Witches and the Creation of Capitalism book review of ‘Caliban And The Witch: Women, The Body And Primitive Accumulation’ by Silvia Federici, 2004 by Alex Knight