Why we need to sleep in total darkness

Why we need to sleep in total darkness

Not only do I sleep in total darkness but I also turn off my wifi and all other digital electronics. I try to spend time without any electromagnetic energy in the evening. Sit in the dark with eyes open and meditate for 30 minutes is very refreshing. When I moved back to rural Oregon from living Downtown Chicago I realized how bombarded we are with energies we did not evolve in and how stressful this is to the body and mind. I have a  regime I follow just so I can sleep well and function well during the day. It has to do with diet, exercise, exposure to light during the day and no lights for a part of the evening and night.

“The modern bedroom is full of lights, from glowing computer monitors and clock radios to any number of blinking and glimmering electronic devices. Trouble is, chronic exposure to light at night leads to a host of health problems.

To understand why chronic exposure to light at night is so bad, we need to consider human evolution. Prior to the end of the stone age, humans were exposed to two different kinds of natural light responsible for regulating circadian rhythmicity. During the day we had the sun, while at night we had the moon and the stars, and perhaps the light from campfires. The binary day/night pattern was unrelenting, and our biological programming followed suit.”