Hector Cruz: The Unlikely Breastfeeding Advocate

Hector Cruz: The Unlikely Breastfeeding Advocate
I then began researching more about breastfeeding and I learned so much that I wished I had known before my daughter was born. If I had educated myself before her birth, I could have helped my wife and daughter establish the special bond from the beginning. I learned about hand expression, correct latch, what lip and tongue ties were, and the difference between a cross cradle and a football hold. I started to educate myself in every way I knew possible and really began to see the importance of breastfeeding. My wife’s breasts went from being a sexual object to something far more beautiful; her breasts became a natural extension of herself to give my daughter the life-sustaining nutrients that she needed. My eyes were opened and I could now see breasts as what they were really meant for and not the over-sexualized objects that we as a society have created when it comes to women’s breasts. That is when Project: Breastfeeding began to form.

(I wouldn’t breast feed my kids in public but that’s just me. If you can show breasts all over advertizing to sell products, why can’t you also show someone’s breast feeding a baby?) This society is crazy