A Study of Svatantrika by Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

A Study of Svatantrika by Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

My husband bought me this book a year ago and forgot to tell me. I just found it in our library when I was researching the two truths, dependent origination from Nargarjuna’s writings. I had an allergic reaction to Madhyamika Philosophy around 10 years ago. However, I got over it, now I like reading all sorts of views and Iove Nagarjuna and how he treats Dependent Origination. Madhyamika is from Tibet and India dealing with the nature of reality and has two subschools, Svatantrika and Prasangika. Svantantrika is the lesser known school and I am excited to see Yogacara and Madhyamika are treated by the Svantantrika Masters. Can you see how my hair is standing on end?

Notes P.17: The Svatantrikas contend that phenomena exist from their own side but that that mode of existence must be posited by the consciousness to which it appears. If phenomena lacked this objective mode of subsistence, this existence by way of their own character, functionality would be impossible and they would cease to exist. They assert that phenomena do not ultimately exist and thereby avoid the extreme of permanence (sasvatanta, rtag mtha’). They assert that phenomena are established from their own side conventionally and thereby avoid the extreme of annihilation (ucchedanta, chad mtha’)