Shuan’s Chooks


Shaun was given  6 new hens from a neighbor who is moving. The hens have to be washed for parasites, wormed for internal parasites. Pecking order will have to be established and the egg laying cycle will be disrupted for a week or two. His garden and hens are all kept in his very neat backyard. So beautiful!

image-8Shuan's Chooks

Our flock now consists of 1 Australorp bantam, 1 Australorp standard and 8 hylines. Because the birds are all still stressed from moving to our place and also having been wormed, malawashed, establishing a new pecking order, egg production is right down, only 2 yesterday and 5 today, which as you know is pretty ordinary for a flock our size, in my experience it normally takes 3 weeks for everything to settle down.