What do we really know about the Sun-climate connection?

What do we really know about the Sun-climate connection?

I like the link function on this site. I can use it to remind me to read an interesting article. I like to read pro-con views regarding man made and or solar weather climate change.  It is very important to get many views regarding extremely important events that may or is changing your life. Also if someone is going to make a ton of money on taxes like the carbon taxes. I don’t trust government at all regarding telling the truth after they have been caught in so many lies. So I research and I stand back and watch.

What do we really know about the Sun-climate connection?

 Eigil Friis-Christensen and Henrik Svensmark

Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division, Danish Meteorological Institute, lyngbyvej 100, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark, E-mail: Eigil.Friis@dmi.dk


The Earth’s climate has always been changing. This is documented in historical as well as in geological records. The reasons for these changes, however, have always been subject to discussions and are still not well understood. In addition to natural climate changes the risk of human influence on climate has recently been seriously considered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Any factor that alters the radiation received from the Sun or lost to Space will affect climate. The Sun’s output of energy is known to change over an 11-year cycle, and variations over longer periods occur as well. A number of correlations between solar activity variations and climate changes, some more significant than others, have been reported but they have traditionally been accompanied by a considerable skepticism among scientists because a plausible physical mechanism to account for these correlations has not yet been found. The most immediate cause of climate changes would be changes in the total irradiance of the Sun. This, however, would either imply unrealistically large variations in total solar irradiance or a higher climate sensitivity to radiative forcing than normally accepted. Therefore other mechanisms have to be invoked. The most promising candidate is a change in cloud formation because clouds have a very strong impact on the radiation balance and because only little energy is needed to change the cloud formation process. One of the ways to influence cloud formation might be through the cosmic ray flux that is strongly modulated by the varying solar activity.