Food From Our Swamp


Our Swamp where the Maiden Fern Grows. I pick the immature Maiden Fern heads, also through out America there are other edible ferns which are called Fiddleheads. Also growing in the swampy soil is the Skunk Cabbage. You can eat the Skunk Cabbage root, but you have to cook it really well because there is a chemical in the root that will cause an allergic reaction. You taste the root uncooked and it will cause a scratchy feeling on your tongue and throat. Some people it will swell up their throat so they cannot breath. That’s why you need to boil the heck out of the root, dissolves the enzyme that causes inflammation. The Natives here in Oregon call this famine food. It will carry you over until you can find protein, fat, and spring greens.

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Food From Our Swamp

Uncleaned Maiden Fern or Fiddle-Head, Lemon Balm, and Oregano. Fiddle-Heads, taste much like asparagus, I love the taste, my husband can’t get over he is eating greens from the swamp. Just lay some Bearnaise sauce on the steamed immature Maiden Fern heads and you have some really fancy food!