More Chicks and Chickens

More Chicks and Chickens

Four Week Old Cuckoo Marans

It takes 4 months to raise a heritage chicken up to butcher weight as opposed to a factory bred that we all eat from our supermarket called Cornish Cross, which in eight weeks grows to butcher weight. Heritage chicken meat is tough, their bones hard when compared to factory farmed chickens. Heritage chickens do well free ranging, that is finding their own food as opposed to the Cornish Cross who can hardly walk or stand extremes in temperatures. Heritage birds also are hardy, they don’t get sick unless, bred to close to the line and or fed food that doesn’t supply proper nutrition to support their bodies systems. My chickens eat what I do, mostly greens, grains, squash and what ever they can catch foraging. Much of my garden produce that we can’t eat goes to the chickens. In turn they supply the manure that feeds our garden crops. Heritage Domestic livestock are going extinct mainly because of factory farming. In the last 100 years we have lost over 1000 kinds of domestic livestock. Why don’t we hear about this in the Corporate media news?

Farming is an ancient ecosystem that has coexisted for over 10,000 within larger ecosystems. We humans are intimately connected to a web of life that depends on us to exist as much as we depend on this web. We need each other to live. I wish others could see this beautiful symbiotic display.



Traditionally, farmers throughout the world raised thousands of different animal breeds and plant varieties. Though industrial farms now rely on only a few types of livestock and crops, traditional heritage breeds and heirloom varieties are still used by sustainable farmers.